September Dog of the Month – Lula

Virginia Beach

Meet our September Dog of the Month, Lula!  This cute little bull dog has stolen our hearts here at Zoom Room!  She has made her way to Obedience 3 and to Agility 2!  She has been a dream to train and she keeps us laughing.  She loves to lay on the the A-Frame in agility or in the tunnel when she is tired and has been known to spread herself out on the cool lobby floor and refuse to move.  She is too cute for words and we are impressed of how far she has come in her short time on this earth.  Her mom just told us the other day how she was showing off her stay and touch skills on the beach and how very proud they are of her training, we are too and think she is one awesome pup!

Here is a little more about Lula:

Favorite Toy: Anything that she can chew on and if it squeaks, all the better. She also enjoys her little frisbee.

Favorite Treat: Yak Milk and her elk bone that she has had for 3 months.

Best Trick: Lula hasn’t learned any tricks yet. But she is a master at the touch command. Lula also has learned that the orange tunnel is not for naps and makes it all the way through now.

Favorite Class: Lula loves every class that she has been to. She learns something new and improves with every class. Someday her mom will learn her right from her left.

Age: 9 months

Breed: English Bulldog

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