Positive Dog Training

We believe that well-trained and well-socialized dogs are happier, healthier and lead better lives than untrained ones, so we’ve worked hard to create a system of positive dog training that is effective and easy for all to master. That’s why we created the Zoom Room, a safe and exhilarating space where you can learn and socialize alongside your dog or puppy.

We know that your goal is for your dog to be a happy companion you can take with you to work, around town, on your travels, and best of all – to enrich your life at home and everyone around you.

To achieve that goal, we know there is only one dog training methodology to consider: positive reinforcement.


At the Zoom Room we practice only Positive Reward or Positive Reinforcement dog training. Positive training means rewarding your dog or puppy when she does what you want her to do. And a wonderful feature of positive reward training is that it is extremely easy once you learn how. Every member of your household can take part.

Positivity also means a generosity of spirit and benevolence. You’re going to keep things light and upbeat, always. If you try to dominate or act aggressively toward your pup, she’ll develop mistrust, disaffection, and perhaps even aggression. See yourself the way you want her to see you: as her benevolent leader. Yes, you make the rules. But you do so with a gentle hand full of treats and petting.

Positive training requires patience and restraint to shelter your dog from the inevitable frustrations you might occasionally feel. Dogs crave our attention, but they don’t distinguish between positive and negative attention – praise vs. scolding. That’s why we don’t teach with punishment. The only attention your dog will know is approval – and it will come when she performs the desired behavior.

Always Remember: Every moment of every day can be an opportunity for your dog to learn.


One tool we use in positive dog training is a clicker, as it allows you to precisely mark a desired behavior within the very short window of time needed for your dog to properly associate the behavior with the reward. We use clicker training in our puppy and obedience classes.

Learn more about Clicker Training


We believe that socialization is more important than training for your dog. That might seem strange to come out of the mouths of dog trainers, but remember – we’re no ordinary trainers! We’re the ones with the motto: “We don’t train dogs. We train the people who love them.”

Why is socialization more important than training? Consider this: ask anyone what they’d like in a dog, and the answer you won’t hear is a dog who can sit, stay, and lie down. Instead, people will say they want a happy dog. A calm dog. An environmentally stable dog whom they can take out into public without being worried that they will bark, nip, bolt, and create a nuisance.

How do you get a happy, stable dog? It’s not through training commands alone. It’s via socialization, and plenty of it.

Socializing your dog or puppy means exposing them to new people, places, things, sounds, smells, dogs and other animals in a safe, controlled and positive manner.

Of course, that includes other dogs – and interacting with other dogs will help your pup develop confidence and their own unique style of play. We want your companion to be easy-going and merry around other dogs, not reactive or fearful. The Zoom Room is the ideal place for your pup to learn to get along well with others – in our small group classes, our playgroups, or – if she needs a little extra attention to ease anxiety – in private training sessions.