October Dog of the Month – Mac

Virginia Beach

Meet our October dog of the month, Mac!  This handsome dude has one of the silliest personalities you will ever meet!  He frequents playgroups and loves to be the life of the party!  He also loves agility and has made his way up to agility 3.  We hope soon he will join Agility League so he can give the other pups a run for their money!  He never wants to leave once he gets here and he secretly loves carrots and he has decided our orange cones remind him of them so he loves to steal them and do his runs with them!  He keeps the staff laughing and his goofy personality has made him a Zoom Room favorite!  We love Mac and we are excited he is our October Dog of the Month!

Here is a little about Mac:

Favorite Toy: Hands down his Planet Dog Snoop!!! Close 2nd is his Planet Dog carrot, and favorite water toy is the Kong wet wubba
Favorite Snack: whip cream or peanut butter or Gibson’s bacon treats, 
Favorite Trick: “shake” (handshake) or giving “hugs”
Favorite Class: He would say Playgroup
Age: 16 months
Breed: Pittie 

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