August Dog of the Month – Libby

Virginia Beach

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Check out this little sweetheart!  This is Libby and this pup made her way into our hearts long ago and has been a long time client here at Zoom Room.  She does everything from Playgroups, to Tricks, to Agility, to Agility League.  She is the cutest when it comes to Tricks and she gives the best hugs!  She knows how to make everyones day better with her sweet disposition and her ability to put a smile on your face!  Her mom makes sure she gets to do all the fun things here at Zoom Room and she has even been spotted attending a few Birthday Parties, because she knows how to party and have fun!  Come stop by Zoom Room and see her weave, jump, and spin through classes and be sure to ask for a hug when you see her!

Here are a few things about Libby:

Favorite Toy: tennis ball
Favorite Snack: Bully stick and Chicken (boiled, organic of course)
Favorite Trick: HUGS! And especially with John!
Favorite Class: Agility…go team!
Age: 5 1/2
Breed: Havanese/Havana Silk Dog

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