August Dog of the Month – Kona

Virginia Beach

Meet Kona, our August Dog of the Month!  This cute little poodle has been coming to Zoom Room since we opened in 2015 and he certainly is a staff favorite!  We always know when he arrives because his excitement can be heard from the parking lot!  He has mastered everything from Agility 1,2,3, and 4 and he has also completed all of Tricks 1 and Tricks 2.  You may even see him ride by on a skateboard because he mastered that in Tricks class.  He comes to every party we have and he always has so much fun with his mom!  We have come to love Kona here at the Zoom Room and we are looking forward to see what skills he masters next!  Congratulations Kona on being our August Dog of the Month!

Here is a little bit about Kona:

Favorite Toy: Planet Dog Raspberry
Best Trick: Dancing and Rolling Over
Favorite Class: Agility 4 (of course)
Age: 8 on October 3rd
Breed:  Miniature Poodle.

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