Ready to Zoom, South Bay?


Something special is coming to the South Bay.

Dogs are going to love it.  Dog owners are really going to love it.  Zoom Room Redondo Beach is scheduled to have its Grand Opening on Saturday, September 14th!  Zoom Room offers a wide variety of classes including obedience and agility, tricks and scent; but if you want to try something completely new, how about Canine Cross Training, Urban Herding, or Puplates?

Zoom Room isn’t just about training, we also offer eco-friendly pet products to satisfy all of your dog’s needs.  Need a plush toy, a new, funky ball, or how about a puzzle to keep your pooch occupied and happy?  We have it.  You can also find premium dog food and the yummiest treats and chews.

And when your class is over, we don’t want you to leave!  Please stay, enjoy a cup of coffee and hang out in our huge, outdoor patio area.  This patio is exclusively for Zoom Room clients and their pups.  In fact, why not throw a party out there where all of your and your dog’s friends can come?

We are planning some really fun things for our Grand Opening party and will be offering $5 Intro to Agility classes, so check back for updates.  We look forward to Zooming with you!

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