March Newsletter


Take a look at our upcoming workshops! More to come soon!

Scent 1 Workshop

Calling all noses! During these six weeks, your dog will have a blast working through a variety of challenges designed to further your ability as a Nosework Team. We’ll work on real-life search scenarios as you and your dog find lost items, and play games designed to develop scenting ability. Great for budding search-and-rescue dogs.

Thursdays at 7pm starting March 14th
Prerequisite: Obedience 1
Cost: $250





Therapy Dog Workshop

You’ve got the basics down. Now learn how to prepare for the Pet Partners temperament test for therapy dogs. This group class is designed to help you and your dog fine-tune your basic obedience skills by focusing special attention on good manners, control around distractions, introduction to hospital equipment, and therapy dog tricks.

Mondays at 6pm starting April 1st
Prerequisite: Obedience 2
Cost: $250

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