red headed irishman

Thousand Oaks


Mannix (Irish Setter) is now 8 months old and started classes in puppy preschool. He loves to learn and has progressed very nicely, despite having to take time off to fight cancer.

  • Favorite Toy: Wooly llama squeaky
  • Favorite Treat: beef minis from wild meadows
  • Favorite Activity: Play with other dogs and meet people

Mannix’s owner, Bryan and Rayanne, had this to say:

Mannix has had a rough start to his young life. At 5 months old, he was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer in his lower jaw. Two surgeries later (fingers crossed) he is cancer-free. He started at Zoom Room in preschool and met a lot of other puppies. In fact, he met Penny at a few of his classes and he sees her at times for play dates. Now he has advanced to Obedience 2 and loves coming to class and learning new things.

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