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Echo — Mountain Nymph or Water Dog?

Echopie_1_Aug 2013Echo is a Portuguese Water Dog, otherwise known as Porties or PWD. She is similar to Bo and Sunny Obama, but she has wavy hair and the presidential pooches have curly hair.

Echo is actually the second PWD to join Melanie’s family. Melanie says they have had Porties in the family continuously since 1993! When looking for a dog in ’93, Melanie and her family had to choose carefully.  Mom Melanie says, “At that time there were only a few of them around. My sons, who were young kids then, desperately wanted a dog but one of them had serious asthma and allergy problems so we needed to choose carefully and were looking for a dog who would not shed. By happenstance we heard about Porties and that was that.” Porties are among those rare breeds that do not shed and it was this quality that made her a perfect fit for Melanie’s family. That first dog was called Nike.

How did Echo get her name? She resembled the Norris’s first beloved PWD, Nike, so much so that she decided to stick with Greek mythology and dedicate Echo’s name to her predecessor.

Echo celebrated her 11th birthday earlier this summer and is fit as a fiddle for a gal of her years. Her favorite toys are soft stuffed animals.  Although she loved to tear them up as a puppy, today  she is content to carry them around the house. One of her favorites is the Echopie_Treedog_2Penguin.  She knows it by name and when asked to retrieve it she knows exactly what you’re talking about.

Echo’s favorite treats are Buddy Biscuits and Pupperoni sticks.  Her favorite pastime is enjoying a good butt scratch or taking a stroll on the beach or dog park.

Although Echo knows many tricks  (including most recently the ability to climb trees), she is a gentle soul and loves the company of people and other dogs.  After losing her big brother Ajax, Echo’s family noticed that she started to suffer from anxiety. In an attempt to find her some activity that she could enjoy, they found Zoom Room, and we are so glad they did.  Echo has been a welcome addition to the Zoom Room family, and we thank you for sharing her with us!


Enjoy your Private Gyms at your own pace, Echo, echo, echo!

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