June’s Dog of the Month says, "Yee Haw!"

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Texas Dog Makes Good in Cali

Tex is a true cowboy with his bow-legged stance, and it couldn’t be more appropriate for this native Texan Dachshund mix.

Tex’s mom, Stacey, originally from the Lonestar state, really wanted a puppy and was thrilled when she finally moved into a place that would allow it.  Her better (or at least, other) half, Jake, jokingly suggested that she adopt one from Texas so that she wouldn’t be the only one around.  What was said in jest was actually fate, as Stacey was planning a trip to San Antonio at the time.  She jumped online and searched for puppies in the area.

As she was scrolling through pictures of adoptable dogs, she saw a photo of a pup then called Clyde.  She knew she had to have him for two reasons:  One, he was the cutest little guy ever; and two, her childhood dog’s name was Clyde, so she took it as a sign that it was meant to be.

Stacey immediately filled out adoption paperwork (never seeing him in the flesh) and shortly thereafter received a call saying he was hers. Stacey’s mom was awesome enough to go pick him up from his foster home and give him lots of love and treats until Stacey got to Texas a couple weeks later to meet him and bring him to LA!

Stacey changed Clyde’s name to Tex, as it seemed appropriate given his trek across the country.  And what a journey it turned out to be.  When Stacey was bringing Tex back to LA, they flew from San Antonio to Phoenix to LAX.  Stacey was so nervous for the flights. She was afraid Tex would bark the whole time and have an accident in his doggy travel bag (he was only 12 pounds at the time) and that they would inevitably get kicked off the plane and be stranded in Phoenix.

They were supposed to have a two-hour layover, so Stacey had planned to take Tex out of the airport and give him some time to have a potty break and stretch his legs, but airport officials had a different plan.  Instead, they got to sit on the tarmac forever so that they had approximately five minutes to catch their connecting flight (in a different terminal) in the Phoenix airport. Luckily, they made the flight and Tex did great aside from a couple of whimpers.

As soon as they touched down at LAX, Stacey took him out of the travel bag and put him on his leash, then carried him to baggage claim, where Jake was waiting to greet Stacey and meet his new family member. Once at baggage claim, Stacey set him down and let Tex and Jake meet.  Tex greeted Jake by relieving himself all over the floor! What’s that saying about first impressions?

Now over a year old, Tex has adjusted to his California lifestyle.  He loves chasing squirrels and playing with his now-decapitated stuffed squirrel toy.  If stuffed vermin aren’t available for play, he’ll happily hunker down with a peanut butter filled Kong or show off his skills during Agility.

Congratulations, Tex, Stacey and Jake!  Enjoy your private gyms!

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