Wolfgang – The Tiny Tornado


Hello My name is Wolfgang, I am an Australian Cattle dog, but many people call me a blue heeler. I am almost 4 and a half months old, and my favorite things are to meet new people so I can trick them into giving me treats, and going to the dog parks and the Zoom room for play time and puppy agility training. I have big dreams of one day running alongside my “ two legged food dispensers”, aka my Daddy and Mommy, as they ride on mountain bikes, and to play in the snow again. I love how it feels on my feet. I think my personal food dispensers would like me to become a certified good citizen, and one day I will, but for now I like being the tiny tornado that I am.

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  1. Lisa Davis

    My son has the geriatric version of Wolfgang; 11 year old Taz. Yes, it’s short for Tasmanian devil. She’s a sweet darling. I so love this breed! Enjoy! Xo Wolfgang!