Tobias AKA Good Boy Toby


Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. I’m so excited to be DOG OF THE MONTH!

I want to thank my benefactors and my worthy competitors, except for that big black dog, Ricky who I disdain.  I wish he’d take a long jump off a short….well, you get the picture. I’m grateful for the Zoom Room team who had the good sense to see my unrealized potential, and especially Amber who taught me how to be a good boi. Others who helped me achieve my success are my mom and dad at Discovery Tails in Sequim; the lovely and wise Sue who adopted me; my doggish brothers Brian and Brad who understand my maleness; my sixth-grade twin girlfriends who play with me and let me jump through that big circle thing… because, frankly, Sue is getting a little long in the tooth, God bless her; and my friend Barbara who comforts me if I get my claw stuck in a grate.  But I digress.

You’re wondering about my likes and dislikes? I love the rabbit smell in the grass, reggae music, my stuffed doggie, Baby, who I take everywhere with me. My favorite book is Call of the Wild, and movie is “All Creatures Great and Small” (seriously, I love to watch my mates on the screen.) My favorite words are “walkies,” “go sniff,” and “dinner.” Speaking of which, every time a bunny saunters through my yard, I eat a bowl of rabbit stew on the front porch to show them what I’m capable of. Things I detest are dog Santa suits, going to the groomer with those loud hair dryers, the gentle leader, and people who breach the perimeter of my yard. Be still my heart. But isn’t life a joy? Shoes, footies, greenies, playing with dog friends, ripping out stuffing, going to the ocean, digging, running and my classes at Zoom Room. Except when Ricky is there, that scoundrel.

It means a lot to me to humbly accept this recognition because when I grow up and calm down, I hope to be a therapy doggo and go to Children’s Hospital with Sue (if she isn’t too old by then). I’m also sniffing out Reading with Rover.


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