The Story of Ciarán


Hello there, my name is Ciarán Kloss (pronounced KEER-awn) and I am a feisty little Irish bred Jack Russell Terrier.  My name means ‘Little Dark One’ in the Irish language.  I am 10 months old, and I LOVE to go to Zoom Room!  My mom and Dad say that Zoom Room saves my life every week, I sure don’t know what that means, but I think it’s good because I do get to go a lot, and I’m always having such fun while I’m there… and I’m so tired when I get home.
I may look a little different to you, I think you Americans may be used to your Jack Russells being taller and white, but I am supposed to hunt for badgers on the Island of Ireland, so my legs are short and stubby, I also come in different colors, and my Mom and Dad Wanted a black one, so here I am!  My mom says that I am a monster, which I think is good, because then she gives me treats and toys and takes me to run and jump through hoops at the Zoom Room!  (here is a secret, please don’t tell my Mom, but I listen to my Dad more than my Mom.. he’s taller and seems to be less confused than mom sometimes when taking me through the agility course).
I am so excited to be the Dog of the Month, I will do my best to do you proud – and I won’t cheat on the tire anymore (maybe).

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