Ronan The Rescue


Ronan The Rescue

Hi everyone! My name is Ronan and I am a 9 month old cocker-pit rescued from Texas. I’ve been in Seattle for a few months now and, besides the rain, it’s pretty great here! I get to smell allll the trees and try to eat every pinecone I see. Plus, when it snows all my people don’t do anything besides stay outside with me all day and let me play with my other dog friends at the park. The absolute best part about the PNW is all the long walks we get to do in the mountains!

Besides going outside, my favorite places are my cousins’ houses so we can run around on all the furniture and Zoom Room so I can say HI to all my trainer friends, especially Melissa! Everyone gives me my favorite fish or peanut butter treats while I’m there. I can’t wait to go to more classes this spring so I can be the best behaved dog for summer time.

Ronan The Rescue’s owner, Mariel, had this to say:

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