November is Sassy!


My name is Sassafras(Sassy) and I am a Boxer / American Staffordshire mix, kinda like a chocolate chip cookie. I was born in Houston Texas sometime in early 2019. My family in Houston left me in a car on a sunny day and I got too hot. My then parent’s had to have a time out in a room with bars for doing that, and I was taken to be with Barbara at Doggedly Devoted Adopters. I was there for about a year and then I came to Washington to find my forever family.

Very shortly after I arrived in Raymond Washington, I was visited by a family from Edmonds Washington who I fell in love with right away. They wanted to take me home with them, and they would not leave without me. I have a Mom and Dad, two brothers and one sister. My older brother doesn’t live with us but he comes by often to visit me and gives me loves the whole time he visits. My Mom takes me on daily walks when she is home from work. I like being with her all the time, sometimes maybe too much. My little brother plays with me when he comes home from work and my sister spoils me with toys every chance she gets. My toys take up most of my dining room now.

Dad on the other hand is a little slower but loves me to death. He and I go to the Zoom Room every Saturday for obedience class. I try to be a good student but I’d rather play and make friends. Ill graduate someday but not anytime soon. Plus, I get to see my good friend Cheryl when I go to school. Every time I see her I like to jump up to give her a hug. The best part of my day is when I get to have an ear, either a pig or cow. I love my treats. I know when the pantry door opens, I come running.

Some people shy away from me for the way I look and talk, but once they give me a chance, they know I am a lover and not a fighter. I would say I am the luckiest dog in the world to have a loving, spoiling family that protects me.


Woof Woof,


(My friends call me Sassy)


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