May means Hazel


I’m Hazel, a very cute 18-month old Australian Shepherd. Some people think I’m a Border Collie, but that’s simply not the case. I love my family and give lots of puppy kisses and butt wiggles. What I love most is herding things like my two feline brothers or rustling packs of dogs around. My mom and dad were very happy when I herded an escaped kitty back into the house. I get very upset when other dogs play too roughly and try to break them up with my barking. I got kicked out of a bar for barking too loudly! I like to chase more than play ball, especially if it’s a squirrel! Once I see one in a tree I’m going to check that tree every time I pass it. Recently I discovered bunnies and they look really fun to chase.


I love the outdoors. If it’s a sandy, I will bounce around. If it’s water, I’ll run into it. If it’s snowing, I’ll jump around or hike through it. I have lots of fur so I get warm quickly. At home I will dig myself a little hole and take a nap inside.


Lots of blogs say that Aussies need a job to do, but they never say what the means. Part of my job is to learn new tricks. Right now I’m learning to stack rings on a post. Agility class has helped me develop patience and control. I’ve matured a lot as I’ve gone up to higher levels. I’m still working on the weave poles though, but the tunnel is my favorite element.

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