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Hi my name is Kiba and I’m a 6 year old Samoyed living in Ballard with my pawrents, pug sister Frank N’Furter, and two cat brothers Atlas and Finnegan! I was born just over the border in Langley, BC, Canada, and apparently I howled all the way home for the entire three hour trip. I’ve been told I am pretty chill for a Samoyed now, so I’m not sure if mom is exaggerating this story or not…
My favorite things are snow, lying in the coldest spot in the room, and counter surfing while my parents are out of the house. Apparently this made my parents think I needed more “outlets for my energy”, so my mom brought me to Seattle Zoom Room to try out Agility classes a few months ago. Although there are times I’m suspicious of the tunnel, I’m usually down to try things my mom asks me to do, especially if she gives me cheese!!! Now we have made it all the way from beginning Agility 1 to Agility 4 and she’s very proud of me!
Thanks Zoom Room for nominating me as the December Dog of the Month!! I love December as that’s when it starts to snow, so I’m happy to share my story with everyone! I’ll see you at Zoom Room, but also if you see a running cloud in the snowfields, it might be me!

You can find Kiba on Instagram at @kibathecloud

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