February Dog of the Month


I was born January 9, 2018, to Oreo (a fiesty Standard Poodle) and Ladybug (a fiery Border Collie) as Marley. My adopted parents thought this name dreadfully morbid, and thus I was reborn as Pippin Gentry-Jones some weeks later.
I would like to believe myself a dog of fine character – often sleeping away my droll mornings in idle relaxation only to erupt into rascally playtime in my afternoons. I do enjoy barking awake those humans foolish enough to also be sleeping in.
My many loves include trying to acquire and chew on sticks (the more massive the better), rolling about frivolously in the grass, chasing after those wicked squirrels, ducks, my greatest enemy the rabbit, and giving kisses to my bewildered grandparents. My first and most true joy in life is the ball. Balls of all make, model, and sport. I tend to enjoy best those balls that belong to others. I daresay I am a bit of a rogue in this way.
The cold has agreed with me tremendously. I have been prancing and digging about many a snow bank in this recent so-called Snowpocalypse. Those horrid past days of hot summer leave me sluggish and restless. On an overly sunny day, you are likely to find me recessed safely behind the toilet in quiet contemplation.
I have found the Zoom Room greatly to my liking and believe I have really come into my own as a world-class canine. Over my many classes I have improved stupendously in both Obedience and Agility, though I must note that l still view the teeter-totter as my nemesis. Perhaps we will come to an accord someday. I would like to thank Cheryl and her team for my many successes in and out of class.

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