Kole – Scent Dog


Hi! My name is Kole and I am an almost 3 year old Super Mutt.  I’m a combination of lots of really smart, really active breeds so I keep my Mom and Dad VERY busy!

I have always been an anxious pup and it takes me a while to begin to trust people and other dogs so this has made my world kind of small.

Thankfully, we found the Zoom Room over a year ago and thanks to Cheryl’s love and patience with me I’ve been growing into a more relaxed, confident and happy pup with her help. 

My favorite zoom room activity is scent work. Rumor has it, I’ve got a really great nose and it’s always fun to be able to put my talent to use during our private, weekly, sessions.

I also love lots of long walks, naps, taking trips with my Mom, chasing the cat, and TREATS. I will do almost ANYTHING for a cookie. 


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