Charming Charlie


Hi, my name is Charlie, but most of the time my dad calls me Chuckie; and so does Cheryl! I am 9 years old. My mom and sister found me at the Bellevue Humane Society when I was about 1 year old. The shelter people considered me ‘a premium dog’. They knew I had some talents, it just took a while for other people to figure it out.

My sister use to play with me a lot. She taught me tricks. I learned how to sit, lie down, roll over, spin and jump thru a hoop. She also took me to a reactive dog class run by the Humane Society. I was not easy to walk near other dogs. Whenever we got near other dogs we’d turn up side streets or hide behind parked cars. Dad called me his ’17 pound fist of fury’. Then mom found out about Zoom Room.

I met Cheryl and she said I had to go to the reactive rover class, now called the Calm Down Class. Mom and dad took me to the class and while it was tough, we somehow made it through and graduated. After a few months I went back for obedience 1. Then I found agility and I LOVE agility! And I’m REALLY good at it! Agility 1, 2 and 3 were a breeze and now we’re in Agility 4. Sometimes I became anxious with all those big dogs around and Cheryl would give me a Kong Ball to play with until it was my turn.

After more than a year of agility 4 I have calmed down. I’ve made lots of friends, both human and dog. We attended the Zoom Room 4th anniversary celebration where I showed off my jumping and running skills. Best of all I walked through the room with 30 or 40 other dogs, some of whom were HUGE, and I thought, “This is fun!”  Thanks for having me be the August Dog of the Month.  Keep an eye out for me at Zoom Room and say Hi!



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