Charlie – June’s Dog of the Month


My name is Charlotte, and I was born on June 3, 2014.  All of my litter mates at my foster home were short haired, blond terriers. Not me, I was a black, fluffy, and decidedly not a terrier. My humans found me on Pet Finder, and at 8 weeks old, I came to live with Michele and Dave. They decided to call me Charlie because Dave’s second choice for a name was “Spork.” My humans have decided that I’m probably a pomeranian/ schipperke mix, but aren’t really sure. I’ve had a pretty great life so far, and rank among the most spoiled dogs of all time. I enjoy hiking, running on the beach, and Puplates at the Zoom Room. I’ve recently discovered a passion for borrowing human shoes and herding small children, both of which serve the dual purpose of entertainment while conveniently driving my mom insane. I do have a few dislike that include men, hats, men wearing hats, umbrellas, and practicing my recall.  Recently, much to my human’s dismay, I started Obedience 3 classes, and there’s hope that one day (in the probably distant future), I will be a Canine Good Citizen, and maybe even a therapy dog.  Other goals for the future include making friends with a cat and convincing every human I meets that they should give me treats (except, of course, men in hats).

Charlie Collage 2


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