Brave Jaina


Hi! My name is Jaina and I’m a 2 year old Catahoula Leopard dog mix born to a dog rescued by AARF in Louisiana. My mother, my litter mates, and I were all flown to Seattle and to our new families when I was 11 weeks old!  My original name was Pistachio since we were deemed the “nut puppies” (my siblings and mother had nut names too). My new parents named me Jaina after one of their favorite video game characters.
I love playing with adopted brother and sister as well as my human sisters and have play dates with other neighborhood dogs. One of my quirks is that my favorite place to observe the household is balanced on the back of the couch like a cat.  Because of this, and because I can effortlessly jump amazing distances, my mom got the idea to bring me to the Zoom Room for both obedience and agility training.
To the surprise of my mom, I became a different dog outside of my comfort zone. I struggled with overwhelming fear in my first few classes. With the help of Cheryl, a Shy Dog Workshop, and some patience I was able to overcome many of my fears. I also discovered my love for agility during one of my private lessons. I found that I sometimes forget that there is anything to fear when I’m navigating obstacles and even have the audacity to show off sometimes. I’m so much more confident now and looking forward to taking more classes at the Zoom Room!

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