Augie – October’s Dog


Wow! Dog of the month. Did I win any treats?
I like treats! I will sit for them, I will jump for them, I will search for them under, around, or in a piece of agility equipment. It might go without saying, but I love agility at the Zoom Room!

I am a 2-year-old, 35lb Boston Terrier full of mischievousness, love, and energy.

Do you have a bag of treats? Then I am your boy!  I will follow you, and stare at you, and not leave your side! But I can’t promise that I won’t jump on you. I think I need to brush up on that in obedience 2.

In all seriousness…  Ha! Who am I kidding, I am rarely completely serious.  I love to run, jump, spin, and play, play, play. I will give you lots and lots of kisses, especially if you just finished eating and have some leftovers on your fingers.

I have to go chase a squirrel now. Wait, I think I just spotted a treat in the tunnel…

You can follow my adventures on Instagram @augiethebostonterrier


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