The Adorable Snow Monster!



Unlike her ferocious namesake, our Yeti is a shy little sweetheart– until she hits the Agility course, that is! She zooms through our courses with such incredible focus, it’s no wonder she graduated to Advanced Agility! Still, at the end of any course, her favorite thing is receiving pets and attention, which she will sweetly beg for from the table. She just asks so politely, it’s impossible to say no! We’ve been absolutely captivated by Yeti and her adorable smile, and we think you all will love her just as much!

  • Favorite Toy: Chef Pierre the Cinnamon Roll
  • Favorite Treat: Whipped Cream! (And licking mommy’s ice cream dish clean before bedtime.)
  • Favorite Hobby: Paddleboarding and Hiking
  • Favorite activity at the Zoom Room: Saying hi to all the trainers and meeting all her doggy classmates! And doing the A Frame in agility.

Yeti’s owner, Chelsea, had this to say:

Yeti is the world’s most nervous social butterfly! Just about everything from central AC to traffic scares her, but she’d brave it all just for the chance to meet a new doggy friend. She is a lover through and through and can’t resist the opportunity for some potential cuddles. As a travel nurse, she has been my greatest adventure partner exploring from cost to coast. We started agility classes in August to take her couch parkour to the next level while trying to beat the Arizona heat….and now we’re hooked! In between hiking Arizona’s dog-friendly peaks and sampling all the whipped cream “pup cups” the valley has to offer, you can find yeti bouncing through zoom rooms agility course or scoping out the treat bar.

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