God of War



Ares is an outgoing low-rider with an absolute love of treats. He joined us for private lessons and has worked his way up into our Obedience classes. His piercing gray eyes lock in with unshakeable focus— given that you are holding some cheese, of course. There is no doubting what this pup wants when he jumps up at your treat pouch. His assertive nature suits his name absolutely perfectly, though he’s happier to play chase or tussle than lead you into battle! Ares is a truly sweet, funny, awesome pup and we are so happy to name him Dog of The Month!

  • Favorite Toy: A squeaky koala bear.  If he can’t find it, he doesn’t give up until he does! 
  • Favorite Treat: Ares isn’t overly treat motivated, but when he is, it’s string cheese! 
  • Favorite Spot: Ares LOVES to hang out and nap on the patio! He loves watching the birds, people and other dogs. He mostly loves to just soak up the sun with a long nap. Ares also loves to have his people with him.  
  • Favorite activity at the Zoom Room: Definitely ALL treats he gets!!  I think he likes all the activities because you can tell he likes to please his people.  

Ares’s owner, Crystal, had this to say:

Ares has been with me for a very short time.  We are still learning each other.  I adopted Ares from the Maricopa County Animal Shelter.  He is my very first shelter dog.  Ares came to me at a time when I needed him the most.  I had lost my dachshund of almost 13 years in August.  I struggled for two months with not having my dog anymore.  My house did not feel like a home anymore and I cried daily.  A wonderful friend offered me first pick of the liter from her dachshund.  Meanwhile, I had been looking at the Shelter’s website, wanting another dog.  I received news that my friend’s dachshund was not pregnant after all,  and it just crushed me.  The next day I went to the shelter to see a few dogs that caught my eye.  None of them were there.  I decided to walk the rooms anyway.  That was such a heartbreaking site….  I came to  Ares’ cage (then known as Solar) and he was friendly and happy.  I decided to do a meet and greet.  It went well.  I wanted to think about it overnight, so we did not take him home.  I talked it over with my family and felt guilty about the thought of bringing another dog into my home while still grieving the loss of my best friend, Rupert.  The next day, my son convinced me it was the right thing to do.  I left work early that day and adopted him.  He has brought so much joy and laughter into our lives that we had been missing.  I still miss my Rupert very much and cry missing him, but Ares has helped me in the grieving and healing process.  He is quite the character and I have enjoyed getting to know him.  I look forward to many loving years with him. 

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