Santa Clarita


I love Gypsy’s quirks and unconditional love.

  • Favorite Toy: Any Stuffed Animal
  • Favorite Treat: At the moment her favorite treat is Beef Jerky treats by Real Meat
  • Favorite activity at the Zoom Room: Gypsy loves all the activities and trainers at Zoom Room – so much so, that she doesn’t want to leave when class is over.

GYPSY’s owner, Debby, had this to say:

Gypsy loves water! She loves going for walks on the beach and getting to play in the ocean. Her biggest accomplishment is being able to stay focused on the moment in what she is supposed to be doing. She has her naughty but funny moments as well, such as digging her first hole and discovering “mud”. She was covered head to toe in mud and was unrecognizable. She’s also a little jealous when I’m on the phone, so she will get a squeaky toy and jump in my lap for attention.

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