Keep Calm and Corgi on.

Santa Clarita


Frankie was born on July 4th, so the whole country celebrated his arrival. He traveled at 8 weeks old from Arkansas to California, sleeping on his back in his carrier at my feet the whole flight. He loves to learn and herd sheep. Frankie often gets the zoomies during off leash time at Agility class.

  • Favorite Toy: Snowflake plushy
  • Favorite Treat: Bully Stick
  • Favorite activity at the Zoom Room: Agility

Frankie’s owner, Cynthia, had this to say:

I chose Frankie on the day he was born and have had him for 1.5 years. Frankie loves to go to Zoom Room for his Manners and Agility classes every week! His biggest accomplishment is passing the Herding Instinct Test.

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