This boy has Character!

Reno Summit


Ernie and his mom work extra hard! As a hearing impaired team, they have conquered Obedience, advanced obedience, therapy dog and more! currently the team is working on their distance communication in agility and recently did their therapy dog photo shoot in the Zoom Room! there are NO limits to what a great team can do together!

  • Favorite Toy: Tug Rope and Toilet paper!
  • Favorite Treat: Pup-achinos and TV Remotes!
  • Favorite activity at the Zoom Room: Agility

Ernie’s owner, Aimee, had this to say:

Ernie was born completely deaf so he is a rehome as he was returned to the breeder. We saw a TikTok video of him and less than 2 hours later, we adopted him because our other two dogs were trained with hand signals so it made sense to add him to the pack! Ernie’s a smart and lovable dog; another fun fact — he was supposed to be a mini Sheepadoodle but he kept growing! He is now the tallest of our three dogs (a standard Goldendoodle and a mini Sheepadoodle). More of him to love!

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