Not just a pretty face!

Reno Summit


Nash and Mary both love to train! the more you do with your dog the more they love you.. and NASH loves his Mom!!! they Do Obedience, advanced agility, agility league, urban herding and pup-lates! if it puts a smile on Nash’s face.. Mary is smiling too!

  • Favorite Toy: Squeaky hedgehog
  • Favorite Treat: Tortilla chips
  • Favorite Thing: Water!!!! in all forms from Snow to a bowl full!
  • Favorite activity at the Zoom Room: Other than getting all the love from the trainers? He loves Puppy Massage!

Nash’s owner, Mary, had this to say:

Nash is a curly coat retriever-like the rest of the breed, he is very smart, and very stubborn. It takes a lot of convincing him to try something new (or trick him into it) but once he figures it out, there’s no stopping him!

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