The Sheltie who loves to use her nose!

Redondo Beach



Vankrol’s Dolci Lavender Blue also know as Dolci lives at home with Dad, Jim, Mom, Pat and brother Cash!  Dolci was born on January 30th 2014 and has traveled all the way from a breeder in Wanne, North Carolina.


Dolci and Cash have been attending classes at the Zoom Room from the time they were puppies.  Dolci starting in Puppy Obedience and can now be seen in Scent Workshops and Agility 4.


Dolci’s favorite treat is BareBites–Yummy!  Dolci and Cash love to spend their weekend mornings at Esplande and Blue Water Grill on the Hermosa Strand and they love coming to the Zoom Room. But Dolci’s all time favorite thing to do is to follow Dad everywhere he goes!!


A funny story about Dolci:

Dolci, will wait until Cash picks up one of his toys and gets comfortable on the couch playing and chewing on his toy.  Dolci waits for just the right moment… lets out a low growl that erupts into bouncing and barking in place.  This causes Cash to leap up, run from the exit barking… while abandoning his toy.  Dolci quickly pounces and retrieves the toy, curls herself around it, waiting for Cash to return… so she can give him that conquering glare.  It drives him crazy.

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