The dog who marches to the beat of her own drum

Redondo Beach


Lady has been zooming with us since October 2014. She has an older brother, Champ, that she loves to play & snuggle with… at times. Lady loves to be the center of attention, getting attention from any & all humans who are willing to pet her.

  • Favorite Treat: Whatever another dog is eating
  • Favorite Place: Anywhere she can get lots of attention.
  • Favorite activity at the Zoom Room: Puppy Preschool, Puppy Obedience, Obedience 1-3, Agility 1-3

Lady’s owner, Tiffany & Tyler, had this to say:

Most people that meet Lady think she is so sweet and cuddly.  Little do they know that at dinner time she turns into a DEMON DOG.  She barks LOUDLY and scares her older brother, Champ.  She chases the kitties and she grumbles at us when we try to discipline her. She is the ultimate work in progress, but she is our work in progress and we couldn’t imagine life without her.

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