Our sweet love bug!

Redondo Beach

                                 Marlee, CGC


Marlee was born in December of 2013!  She was rescued, by mom Danielle and dad Gary, from a friend.

Marlee has been attending classes and private gyms at the Zoom Room for about 1 year.  She has taken Obedience 1,2 and 3,  Agility 1, 2, 3, and 4, Rally.  They have also competed in our Agility League and in our one day Agility competitions.  Marlee and mom Danielle, just received their Canine Good Citizen certification, or CGC, at the end of last month!  We are so proud of them and all their hard work!

Marlee’s favorite treats are anything mom and dad are eating!  Sharing is caring!

Marlee fun facts:

Marlee went to live with Danielle and Gary when she was 4.  She is so happy she was saved from her first owner.  She has had nothing but fun times and great memories with her new family.  She loves to hike and catch the frisbee at the park.  Her favorite game to play at the beach is Keep away.  Marlee is not a fan of long car rides, but after they are done, she always finds herself somewhere really cool that involves lots of swimming.  Marlee loves to play every chance she can get, but she also loves to sleep and chill!  Marlee loves to get showered with love and kisses from mom and dad every chance she can get!  She thinks Zoom Room is so fun and she has lots of friends there!

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