Our Jumping Bean!

Redondo Beach



Quimby came to Lisa and Garrett as a foster from Rover Rescue, but once Lisa took one look at little Quimby, she knew Quimby was hers to keep!  Her birthday is estimated to be September 2008.  Quimby lives at home with her siblings, Winnie, Carlos, and Pippi.  Winnie and Carlos can also be spotted in classes at the Zoom Room, while Pippi gets to come and play ball in our Private Gym rentals.


Quimby has been coming to the Zoom Room since January.  She can be seen in Agility 3, Agility 4 and the occasional Tricks class.  Quimby and Lisa can be spotted in our Agility League where they are zooming their way to the top of the charts!  Quimby is known for her excited high jumps when she first arrives!!  All the staff eagerly await their arrival so we can watch our cutest jumping bean!!


Quimby’s favorite treats are Yaky Puffs. Quimby loves coming to the Zoom Room and going to the beaches in Santa Barbara!!  Off Leash beaches are the best!!


Sneaky Quimby… When she was a puppy, Quimby and her sister Pippi were trained to ring a bell by the front door to go outside for potty breaks.  Quimby quickly learned that and she rang the bell during chewy-treat time.  We would open the front door and Pippi would run outside, leaving her chewy-treat behind for Quimby to steal!  Quimby has everyone trained well!!

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