When Your Dog and Boyfriend Don’t Get Along

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Problems with Puppy Love

When Your Dog and Boyfriend Don't Get AlongSheKnows.com – September 13, 2013

The popular site SheKnows.com looked to Zoom Room Dog Training to find an expert to address a concern of many of their readers – what to do when you’re in that incredibly difficult situation when your dog and your boyfriend just don’t get along. The article includes some helpful tips, all of which revolve around the Zoom Room’s commitment to positive dog training methods. The Zoom Room doesn’t claim to teach you how to train your boyfriend; but you can very likely make the intuitive leap…

If your dog fears a “type,” Van Wye indicated that you and your boyfriend can train away your dog’s fear by using a simple trick she calls “hot dogs from the sky.” Keep small bits of hot dog with you when your boyfriend visits your place. Drop the bits of hot dog to the floor as soon as your boyfriend and the dog start interacting, and keep dropping pieces intermittently throughout the visit. This method will help the dog begin to associate your boyfriend with “hot dogs from the sky,” which will quickly address your pup’s aversion.

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