Trainer Hacks That Make Training Your Dog So Much Easier

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Trainer Hacks That Make Training Your Dog So Much EasierPureWow – June 7, 2021

Zoom Room’s Head Trainer, Courtney Briggs shares quick and easy tips and tricks when training your dog. These training best practices include socializing your puppy early, using treats as a method of positive reinforcement, and researching about your dogs breed.

Zoom Room Dog Training’s Head Trainer Courtney Briggs says socialization is “the absolute key to start off on the best paw going forward.” Even better? Starting the socialization process before your pup turns four months old. Adopting adult or senior dogs is a wonderful thing (sometimes these animals are already well-trained and housebroken). But, if you’re looking for optimal control over how your pup is trained, beginning the socialization process before four months is ideal.

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