Surprising Ways Your Dog Can Improve Your Workout

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Dog Agility is the Perfect Team Sport

Surprising Ways Your Dog Can Improve Your WorkoutMSN Lifestyle – May 31, 2018

In a recent interview with Greatist, Zoom Room CEO Mark Van Wye offers tips on improving your workout routine by including your dog in your exercise. Working out with your dog in agility training is fantastic for both dog and owner, in terms of enjoyment, bonding and physical fitness.

Dog agility is at its core a TEAM sport – not something you can do without your dog, or she without you. That’s what makes it so fun and effective!

“While your dog is diving through tires and jumping over hurdles, you have to run really fast to keep up and communicate his next step,” explains Mark Van Wye, the owner of Zoom Room, a national, indoor dog agility facility. “You’re breathless and sweaty at the end because you’re working with your dog the entire time.”

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