Strudel the Obese Dog’s Fitness Journey is Nothing Short of Inspiring

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The “Gentle Giant’s” Progress has Made her a “miracle of a Pup” Her Foster Mom Says

Strudel the Obese Dog's Fitness Journey is Nothing Short of InspiringHuffington Post – October 22, 2017

When John and Kristy Cotthaus, owners of Zoom Room Virginia Beach, heard the story of an overweight dog named Strudel in search for her forever home after her original owners died, they knew they had to help. The couple offered Strudel and her foster parents free agility classes to help the pup shed the weight. Already down nearly 30 pounds since July, Strudel is living a much healthier and energetic life, and well on her way to a permanent home.

“We motivate dogs with treats, toys and praise but Strudel was actually easy, it’s almost like she knew what she had to do,” Kristy Cotthaus told HuffPost in an email. “We didn’t have to use any treats at all because she was motivated to do the agility [course] with just lots of praise.”

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