Pet Services on the Rise

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Pet Services on the Rise

Zoom Room featured in The Street

A new article in The Street examines the rising demand for pet services, using the boom of the Zoom Room as an example of this growing trend.

Reporter Elizabeth Blackwell of The Street contacted COO, Mark Van Wye, to learn more about how the Zoom Room has become the fastest-growing pet franchise in the country, at a time when other businesses are contracting due to the nation’s economic struggles.

Mark Van Wye, COO of Zoom Room, a rapidly expanding dog-training franchise, has seen firsthand how offering the right services in the right way can pay off big, even during tough economic times. Zoom Room locations offer a range of classes, from Puppy Preschool to agility training on custom-designed obstacle courses.

Catering to those people means offering extras such as free coffee and Wi-Fi, as well as kids’ rooms where little ones can play while mom or dad takes the family dog for a run around the indoor dog park. A retail store offers solution-based, affordable pet products and you can even book a Doggy Disco birthday party.

“When the rest of corporate America was contracting, we chose to expand,” Van Wye says. Laid-off or burned-out workers were looking for new opportunities, and prime real estate could be grabbed at bargain prices. “We got some incredible franchise candidates, the real cream of the crop,” he says.

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