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Innovative Use of the iPad in Business

iPad in Business

Business News Daily explores innovative uses of the iPad in business, with a profile of the Zoom Room dog agility training center, which utilizes the iPad for a wide range of purposes.

Remote enrollments, paper-free schedules, efficient signing in of dogs (and their owners), and social media check-ins are just a fraction of the ways that the Zoom Room streamlines the experience for their clients.

“The ability to take the iPad with us really is taking the entire business with us. It’s like a huge, interactive brochure. We can actually show people what we’re about, what classes are like, and even take enrollments right on the spot in a remote location,” Van Wye said.

Not only is the iPad great for display purposes but it also contributes to the Zoom Room’s green initiatives by eliminating the need for paper schedules, receipts, and brochures.

Read the full article in Business News Daily.

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