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Benefits of Agility Training

How to Be More Active With Your – June 2, 2018

A wonderful podcast interview with Liz Claflin, Director of Operations for Zoom Room, focuses on the importance of keeping our canine companions consistently active and stimulating them mentally and physically to prevent boredom, apathy, depression and other conditions that come with the lack of activity.

During the podcast, Liz provides a number of practical and creative tips and advice for dog owners on how to safely keep dogs more active.

“We specialize in all different kinds of training and all of it is geared towards the average pet owner. Even though we do things that traditionally are competitive dog sports, we don’t compete in them. Competition sports can be very intimidating for a lot of dog owners, and they’re not interested in doing that. The time, the money, all of that. They just want fun things to do with their dog. So we took a lot of really sort of specialized dog training programs and recreated them into a format that is applicable for all dogs regardless of age, breed, size and noncompetitive to make them very warm and welcoming.

So for training we do all of the standards like obedience training all the way up through therapy dog training. Then we one of our most popular programs is agility. And we have four levels of agility, so you can stay busy for a very long time with your dog doing agility. It’s fantastic physical exercise for your dog. It’s also really nice low impact physical activity for humans, as well. We make it so that with our agility courses all of our equipment is fully adjustable, and so we have puppy agility, we can make it very very safe for their growing joints and bones. Then we can also have big dogs doing it too.”

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