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Hollywood Dog Tricks

Hollywood Dog Tricks
The Los Angeles Times features a story about teaching dog tricks at the Zoom Room. The article appeared in over 125 newspapers and news magazines around the world – including the San Francisco Chronicle, Forbes and the London Telegraph – as well as the main web sites for TV stations such as ABC, CBS and NBC.

The article interviews Zoom Room founder Jaime Van Wye who discusses the 78 different behaviors that are taught at the Zoom Room.

Dogs don’t just roll over and play dead in Hollywood. It takes a good trainer and lots of practice.

In Jaime Van Wye’s Hollywood Tricks class, dogs learn to throw themselves on the ground and die dramatically. Olive, a 5-year-old English shepherd, goes to the ground when she hears the command “Bang, bang,” but keeps her head up until she hears a third bang, said owner Sherry Marks.

Successful graduates of the class can also fetch beer from the fridge, take your socks off, grab a cell phone when it rings or help collect the laundry.

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