Are Pet-Accompanied Workouts the Next Fitness Craze?

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Exercising with Pets Expected to be one of the Biggest Workout Trends of 2018

Are Pet-Accompanied Workouts the Next Fitness Craze?Pet Business – January 15, 2018

Struggling to achieve your New Year’s Fitness goals? Good news for you – exercising with pets is expected to be one of the biggest workout trends of 2018. With comprehensive and unique training classes, Zoom Room tops the list as a prime spot to workout with your dog.

One business that is well positioned to make the most of the trend toward working out with pets is Zoom Room, an L.A.-based indoor dog gym and training facility franchise that is designed for active-lifestyle dog owners. Not a drop-off training facility, Zoom Room offers dog owners an opportunity to participate in variety of training classes—including agility, obedience, tricks training and more—in an atmosphere that is described as “a lot like an upscale gym or fitness center.”

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