4 Tips for Dining Out with your Dog

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Dog-Friendly Restaurant Advice for Millennials (and Everyone)

4 Tips for Dining Out with your DogParade Magazine – July 24, 2018

Parade Magazine knows that its readers love dogs, love dining out, and thus – of course – would love dining out with their dogs at the increasing number of dog-friendly restaurants. So they reached out to the experts at Zoom Room Dog Training to learn our four top tips for making sure your dog is safe and comfortable, that you and yours have a wonderfully enjoyable evening out, and that the diners at neighboring tables are nothing but delighted – and not at all put out – that you’ve brought your best friend with you to enjoy dinner together.

To make sure your dog stays hydrated on warm days, it’s important to bring a water bowl along as not all dog-friendly restaurants provide them. Bring along a lightweight travel mat for your dog to settle down on. This will help your pup stay put and feel more comfortable. Also, bring along long-lasting treats for them to chew or work on so you can eat in peace.

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