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10 Cool Dog Tricks

Zoom Room featured in Woman’s Day Magazine

It’s back to school time! Ready to teach your dog some cool new tricks? A new article in Woman’s Day Magazine features 10 cool dog tricks you can teach your pup.

The article primarily features dog training tips and advice from Zoom Room founder Jaime Van Wye.

The Zoom Room features ongoing dog trick group classes at both beginning and advanced levels, as well as in private training sessions for those with very specific goals in mind. All of our tricks classes (as well as all other types of training) are conducted using only positive reinforcement training.

Cool Dog Tricks

Picking up laundry, separating the recyling – there’s no shortage of great ways to get your dog to earn his keep! Van Wye offers advice on training these tricks as well as skateboarding, basketball, and even playing the piano!

Teach Your Dog to Play the Piano

A variation of the “paw touch” (the move used when he “shakes hands” with you), train your dog to play piano by teaching him a general command and then associating it with the piano. First, put a large disc like a plastic container lid or Frisbee on the floor. Every time your pooch paws it, give him a treat and a positive command to reinforce the movement. Once he’s figured out that if he touches the disc he gets a treat, you can create a smaller and smaller target. As soon as the target is small enough, put it on top of the piano’s keys and give the command. After mastering that, you can remove the disc and he’ll go to the piano on command. “Many of these tricks are built up by having a lot of basic skills like touch, push, retrieve, etc.,” Van Wye says.

Learn all of these cool dog tricks in Woman’s Day Magazine.

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