Ball Pit Queen

Kansas City - Overland Park


Urbosa started coming to Zoom Room at three months old, and moved her way up through the puppy classes and playgroups into adult classes! She just graduated obedience and the Calm Down workshop. Staff has loved watching her progress over the last six months. Also, we’ve had a ball pit since our grand opening, and we bring it out in puppy classes and playgroups; she has been the queen of the ball pit ever since she first played with it! She will always return to her “home base” of the ball pit when she’s playing, and she just loves to throw her whole body into the pit and make all the balls explode over the gym. Her goofy spirit and friendly attitude allows her to make friends with every dog she meets.

  • Favorite Toy: Tennis Balls
  • Favorite activity at the Zoom Room: Playing in the ball pit!

Urbosa’s owner, Heather, had this to say:

Her favorite treat is chicken breast, with that (Real Meat) fish and venison jerky (that we use in class) being a close second!

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