Exercise for Dogs + Fitness for You

Introducing: Canine Cross-Training®

Following a recent research study showing the health and fitness benefits for dog owners when participating in dog agility training, the Zoom Room announces an innovative new fitness program: Canine Cross-Training®.

Dogs Need Exercise

Canine conditioning has always been a priority at the Zoom Room. By providing an indoor dog agility course and classes in agility training along with our popular weekly Agility League, we provide a fun, safe place where dogs can run, jump and soar to their hearts’ content. Exercise for dogs is critical for both physical and mental health – every dog owner knows that a tired dog is a happy dog! We extend the concept of dog exercise to our Pup-lates® core conditioning for dogs, and we also offer Private Gym and Playgroups – opportunities for dogs and their owners to practice their agility skills.

Exercise With Your Dog

All of that is great for the pups, but what about us two-leggers? Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Department of Kinesiology have recently completed a dog agility exercise study in which they examined the physiological effects of dog agility training on the dogs’ owners. Their results were clear: dog agility training is indeed “vigorous” physical exercise leading to positive health and fitness benefits for the human handlers.

Fitness for You

And so we’ve developed a new curriculum entitled Canine Cross-Training® that will bring even greater benefits to both you and your dog. In this new course, we combine agility training for your dog with speed, toning and agility training for you. Normally running a dog agility course involves a great deal of fast-twitch anaerobic activity, but we’ve incorporated fun warm-ups, aerobic exercise, and an engaging series of routines for you, all in coordination with your dog’s navigation of the obstacle course. We finish off with some gentle play for your pup and a nice cool-down for you.

Note: All graduates of Agility 2 are eligible to participate in Canine Cross-Training®.