Two Events Benefited Dogs of all Shapes and Sizes

Culver City

Folks “Pawsed” to Help Dog Sanctuary

A pup gets a helping hand at "Zoom to the Rescue"

“Zoom to the Rescue” went off without a hitch last weekend.  Despite the unusually warm weather, everyone enjoyed the various activities.  Juggler/unicycle rider Patrick Connor entertained the crowd with his amazing humor and talent while Valerie Heath, a canine masseuse, got comfortable in the shade and turned many, many dogs into relaxed puddles.  Our array of  dogs up for adoption kept people busy, and, of course, who could resist Barbie’s Q barbecue, New Orleans Sno Balls, and Kettle Corn? 

Bichons and Buddies, Marley’s Pit Stop, SAFE Animal Rescue, and Angel City Pit Bulls brought dogs looking for homes.  Four dogs were adopted during the event, with another three ready to go home after the rescue agency performed their home check.  

Olympic Animal Sanctuary founder Steve Markwell’s speech was well attended and streamed live over the internet so that people from all over the country could watch and ask questions.  HIs talk was incredibly moving and inspiring.

The Zoom Room would like to thank everyone who came out and enjoyed themselves while supporting Olympic Animal Sanctuary.  If you weren’t able to make it to “Zoom to the Rescue,” but you are interested in Steve Markwell and his rescue, go to the Olympic Animal Sanctuary website.

Melanie Monteiro Gave Informative Pet Safety Talk

Melanie demonstrates CPR on her test doggy

Melanie Monteiro, author of “The Safe Dog Handbook,” spent her Friday night at the Zoom Room teaching a roomful of dedicated dog parents the ins and outs of dog safety.  Melanie had some help from her Labrador, Taiga, as well as from Beagle volunteer Honey and her test dummy dogs.

Melanie shared some personal stories that led her to become a pet safety expert and instructor.  After informing the audience about how she gained the vast knowledge she has about prevention and first aid, she demonstrated several techniques on the ever-patient Taiga while Honey went from person to person allowing everyone a chance to find her femoral pulse.

Thank you, Melanie, for making us all more knowledgeable.

To find out more about Melanie and her book, check out her Facebook page.

Want to see more pictures from the events?  Go to our Facebook page.

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