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Culver City

Loveable as a “Teddy” Bear…

Meet Teddy, a brown and white Polish Lowland Sheepdog. He was rescued by his mom, Lisa, in 2009 when he was a 10-month-old puppy.  Lisa was searching for a companion for her Springer Spaniel, Charlie, at the East Valley Shelter when her eyes rested on a matted mess with bright green eyes.  One exchanged glance later Teddy had a new home.

Will the real Teddy please stand up?

Aside from the green eyes, Teddy has another endearing feature… an underbite that makes him appear to be smiling all the time, which he undoubtedly is!

Teddy was a faithful companion to Charlie to the very end.  As Charlie aged, he starting having trouble seeing and moving. Teddy was there by his side for three years providing comfort and being a true “teddy bear” as his best friend got older. Teddy is the reason Charlie made it 15 years as healthy and happy as he did.

According to Lisa, Teddy provides hours of entertainment for his family by batting balls across the floor with his paws in feline fashion.  Lisa bought her husband a remote control helicopter for the holidays. Teddy has as much, if not more, fun with it than her husband. He waits for dad to bring it out every night then follows it across the room and tries to bite it (though he never does).  When he sees a REAL helicopter, he watches it carefully, as if waiting for it to get closer so he can play with it.

Teddy recently graduated from Zoom Room Culver City’s Therapy Dog class. He went straight to Pet Partners (formerly the Delta Society) and passed his test. Teddy is now a certified therapy dog! He is set to begin a life of bringing comfort to people in hospitals. Congratulations, Teddy. We know you will bring a lot of happiness to a lot of people.

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