Putting in Our Two "Scents"

Culver City

New Scent Class Starts in January

Search and Rescue dogs, bomb sniffing dogs, narcotics dogs, and even dogs that find bedbugs and mold.  You’ve seen them on the news for years and you have been impressed with their skills. 

Look at your pup. sleeping peacefully at your feet.  Does she have what it takes to be a scent dog?  Of course she does!

Paxton learns to sniff out our keys

Wouldn’t it be nice if your four-legged friend could help you find your keys or your cell phone?

Well, you’re in luck!  The Zoom Room Culver City is now offering a Scent Discrimination class!  Our new class starts on Sunday, January 9.  We will get your dog’s mind and nose working double time in this fun class that will train your dog to find hidden objects.

Our Holiday Party will feature professional pet photographer Andy Sheng from Otis and Lucy Photography.  Andy will be on hand to photograph your pup (and you) with Santa Paws.  We will also have festive music, snacks, a dog cookie decorating station, and presents for each dog.

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