Member of the Week: Macie Mae

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Macie Mae

Macie Mae

Name: Macie Mae Palkie Sokoloff
Nickname: Macie Mae
Breed: Chihuahua
Gender: Female
Favorite class at the Zoom Room: All of them!
Favorite Toy: Her Daddy – she wrestles him
Best Trick: Commanding the attention of any room
Favorite Treat: Shredded cheese

Here’s what Macie Mae’s mom, Megan, has to say about her:

Macie is NOT your typical chihuahua and we have Jaime and the Zoom Room to thank for that. Macie is outgoing, happy and friendly with everyone she meets. People tell us all the time that they don’t really like chihuahuas but they love Macie because she doesn’t “act like a chihuahua.” And let’s face it, she’s just damn cute!! : )

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